How do I install the Private-Radar app on my phone?

Private-Radar App

The Private-Radar App is a Progressive Web App which you install through your internet browser (Chrome for Android and Windows, Safari for iOS).

Once installed, you will have the Private-Radar icon on your device and it will open just like another app, in full screen and without any browser bar and buttons.

The Private-Radar App works offline and uses a database that allows to see the data already loaded (Schedule, Aircraft, User, Courses...).

Installation on iOS

PWAs work on iOS starting with iOS 11.3, which was issued in March 2018

To install the Private-Radar app, follow these steps:

1. Open Safari

2. Navigate to your webpage (https://user.private-radar.com or your custom webpage).

3. Click on (this button is situated to the right of the address bar on iPads, and at the bottom of the page on iPhones / iPods).

4. Click on "Add to Home Page".

Installation on Android

On Android, PWAs work with Chrome 59 and above.

Installation with Chrome is very easy, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to your webpage (https://user.private-radar.com or the custom webpage).

2. Private-Radar will ask you if you want to install the app, so just click "Yes".

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