Innovative, easy-to-use & cost effective.

Streamline your operations with the most efficient software on the market.


Innovative, easy-to-use and cost effective.

Streamline your operations with the most efficient software on the market.


Scheduling aircraft, simulators, classrooms and instructors has never been so easy.  Features automatic checks and notifications, drag and drop support, pre-booking,  dispatch and more.


Keep all your flights fully-synchronized in the system. Add-on our  Aircraft Tracking System to automatically record flights including precise times, track, altitude & speed.


Add unlimited users to enjoy features including personal agenda, certificates, course progress, e-sign, logbook, account balance, flight and duty time limits, availability, currency.


Add your aircraft and simulators. Manage all your documents, certificates, maintenance tracking, techbooks, rates, squawks, and much more.  Easily view everything in one place.


Create your own courses and start tracking the progress of your students.  Manage flight and theoretical lessons. Set milestones on the syllabus. Perform evaluations and keep all your student records.


Be ready for audits! Easily create unlimited pre-made reports for flight hours, bookings, landings, account balance, flight & duty time, course progress, and more. Get customized reports!


Entering, organizing, analyzing and reporting EASA compliant Safety Management System reports has never been easier! Track and report on incidents, hazards, costs, tasks, corrective actions and other SMS related items.


A simple way to keep your files in sync. Add and share documents for operations, procedures, certificates, airports, VAC charts, maps, and much more.


All you need to keep your accounts accurate and up-to-date, automatically. Include you customized rates and products. Invoicing and billing made straight forward. 


Easily manage your work flow. Create CAMO work orders, maintenance work orders and Certificates of Release to Service. Keep track of documentation, parts, stock location, and suppliers. 


Share messages with your team, students, and instructors. Connect directly to the people you select and easily check who has read the message and signed off.


Post news and updates to be immediately shared with all your users or just a specific group. Flag posts as mandatory reading.

Course Progress

Rafa Molina

Head of Training

Barcelona Flight School

"Barcelona Flight School has been using Private-Radar rigorously since 2017. This has given us back the control of the evolution of all our activity and all courses. With over a thousand people accessing the system daily, including our administration, instructors, students, and members of the aero club,  the easy-to-use software has been a determining factor in the success of our daily operations."

Roberto Magnani

Head of Training

Cantor Air

"I think we were one of the first ATOs to trust Private-Radar and it was definitely the right choice for our business. Private-Radar represents added value to our training, giving our students and instructors the best solutions in terms of safety. This tool consolidates our capability to achieve top results."

Michele Marano 

Safety & Compliance MGR


"Our Flight operations now operate around Private Radar. Ultimately, this means a reduced amount of staff assigned to operational tasks, increased safety supervision of flights, reduction of flight delays, and finally increased utilization of training devices." 


Hassle-free migration. We can ease the process of changing from your current system to Private-Radar to ensure that you don't lose any data or waste time.

Use our innovative Aircraft Tracking System with our Flight School Management System to increase safety, track your fleet in real-time, and input precise flight times, automatically!


Select English, Spanish, or French language. Add-on a unique web address, with personalized colors and logo, customized emails, invoices and reports.

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