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Streamline your operations with the most efficient software on the market.


The most innovative GPS fleet tracking system designed to improve safety and automatize your operations. 

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Live Tracking

Track every stage of the flight with precision. Location, altitude, speed, elevation, and heading updated in real-time with the full track.

Airspace Layers

Integrates classes A, B, C, D, prohibited zones, danger zones, restricted zones, airports, airstrips and heliports.


View a summary of your daily schedule on the live map when subscribed to the Schedule module in the Flight School Management System.

Automatic Feed

Record flights automatically with the precise times, full track, altitude, and speed. Eliminate errors in flight times Synchronized with techbooks, maintenance schedules, and more...


Maintenance monitoring and alerts. Keep your fleet in the air with automatic updates and maintenance reminders.


Quick view of detailed information about the runways, frequencies, and airspaces. 

Safety Alerts

Receive alerts instantly for an emergency landing, possible crash, airspace intrusions, speed, hard landings, etc.

Fleet Management

Documents, certificates, maintenance, techbook, consumption... Everything in one place!


Altitude, speed, and elevation graph displayed in real time.

Live Tracking
Airports & Airspaces
Live Map

Rafa Molina

Head of Training

Barcelona Flight School

"Private-Radar's Aircraft Tracking System not only greatly increases safety, but also improves the debriefing of flight sessions and the efficiency of administration by automatically recording the flight and maintenance times of our entire fleet."


Michele Marano 

Safety & Compliance MGR


"Our experience with Private-Radar has been positive all round. We have successfully reduced workload for operations staff and instructors, whilst increasing flight safety. 100% of our fleet is equipped with Flight-Trackers giving us a constant awareness of flight position and status. The Aircraft Tracking System is one of the best features of Private-Radar, along with a fast response and a pleasant approach of support service."


Roberto Magnani

Head of Training

Cantor Air

"I think we were one of the first ATOs to trust Private-Radar and it was definitely the right choice for our business. Private-Radar represents added value to our training, giving our students and instructors the best solutions in terms of safety. This tool consolidates our capability to achieve top results."


Entering, organizing, analyzing and reporting SMS reports has never been easier! The system automatically generates reports and analyzes the track for airspace intrusion, minimum and maximum speed and altitude.

Try our easy-to-use Flight School Management System with our Aircraft Tracking System to synchronize your flight records, logbook, techbook, maintenance, course progress, and invoicing automatically!


Select English, Spanish, or French language. Add-on a unique web address, with personalized colors and logo, customized emails, invoices and reports.