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The Importance of CBTA in Pilot Training

It is common knowledge that most aviation accidents are due to human factors. In fact, according to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), more than 80% of aircraft accidents are due to human error (pilots, controllers, mechanics, maintenance personnel, etc.) and only 20% are due to machine error.

Human error is inevitable, especially when a pilot is still in the learning process, but the growing demand for pilots is causing airlines to hire unprepared professionals who lack certain competencies and soft skills.

This is where Competency-Based Training and Assessment comes in and offers a significant contribution to a safer aviation environment. Its aim is to train more competent pilots by strengthening their ability to adapt to different situations and solve problems in complex challenges, with skills, knowledge and attitudes required to handle situations safely and confidently.

CBTA, is a new approach to pilot training that provides specific development and assessment based on core competencies and focuses on performance standards.

The CBTA framework was introduced as an evolution of Evidence-Based Training (EBT) and was commissioned by ICAO and developed by EASA to be used successfully in pilot training around the world.

The CBTA approach to aviation training is relatively new, but its correct integration will lead to more competent pilots. Therefore, we have created a new CBTA framework on Private-Radar that complements traditional training and assessment to make life easier for flight schools and ensure proper and fast implementation.

The CBTA standard framework offered by Private-Radar is based on predefined core competencies with associated behavioral indicators that student pilots develop at various stages of flight training. Students are assessed based on deviations above or below the established standard score. The software allows schools to incorporate the CBTA framework into their courses and completely adapt the competencies and phases to their individual needs.

Learn more about how to integrate Competency-Based Training and Assessment into your flight training center operations with Private-Radar by requesting a demo and free trial.


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