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How to Choose Software that Best Fits Your Flight Training Center?

The process of choosing a management system for your flight school or organization can be long and tedious. There is a long list of software around the world with different approaches and functionalities, so how should you organize your search for the flight school management system that best fits your needs?

Think long term

You have already decided to go paperless, that is an important first step. Whether you are a small or large training center you need to consider what you need not only now but also in the future. It is important that you choose software that adapts to your current needs but at the same time offers you more options and functionalities as you grow. A single-purpose app won’t fulfill your needs as you become overwhelmed by your daily operations, think of a modular system that you can build on based on your current and future requirements.

What are the key features you need?

It is important to make a wish list of all the features you need in your new software. Make it complete and make it accurate. Here are some examples you should take into consideration:

  • Full scheduling and booking system

  • Complete training platform including flight and ground courses, evaluations, student progress, and CBTA framework

  • Robust auto-invoicing and accurate billing system

  • Instant reports and analytics

  • Live flight tracking and automatic flight records

  • Fleet management and optimization

  • Multi-device access

  • Available API integrations

Automatization and synchronization

Find a full solution to cover all your needs, this will make you save time and money. Optimization here is key. Synchronize your flight school management system with an aircraft tracking system and automatize your flight records.

Migration and training options

If you are currently using software for some of your managing processes, migrating information can be a big hassle, so you might want to find new software that is involved in your migration process, that has experience migrating data and adapting one information structure to another.

Training is also going to be an important step after launching the new system, so take into account that the software you choose includes a structured training process with different options for your team.

Best return on investment

Finally, it is important to monetize how much time the software will save you and how much flexibility is offered in the pricing structure. Take into account all the points mentioned above, as well as look for an easy-to-use system, with all-in-one features, and a modular structure where you only pay for what you need.

There is no need to say Private-Radar meets all these demands, so are you ready to give it a try and request our demo and free trial?


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