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American Flight Schools choose Private-Radar as their Flight School Management System

Private-Radar is proud to announce its partnership with one of North America’s largest pilot training organizations, American Flight Schools.

Established in 1977, American Flight Schools are a group of like-minded Flight Schools and clubs that work together to provide flight training and aircraft rentals. Today, the American Flight School network includes eight flight training facilities and six maintenance bases, all of which will benefit from Private-Radar’s Flight School Management System.

By partnering with Private-Radar, American Flight Schools now have access to an easy-to-use, cloud-based management solution that can be implemented across all eight of their locations. With Private-Radar, every aspect of managing a flight school is brought together in one place: Scheduling, Student Records, Maintenance, Billing and Invoicing, Reporting, and Live Aircraft Tracking are just some of the key features available. Prisque Lemblé, Founder and CEO of Private-Radar, says,

“We are really proud to have been chosen by American Flight Schools, one of the largest flight schools in the United States. American Flight Schools operate multiple bases across several states, and I am delighted that they trust Private-Radar to handle such a complex operation. We’re looking forward to building a long-term relationship and working with American Flight Schools to take their business to the next level.”

Danny Smith, President at American Flight Schools, comments,

“At American Flight Schools, we operate hundreds of aircraft across eight bases in four different states. We were looking for a software solution that would allow us to upgrade our operations, and after reviewing the options available we saw that Private-Radar offers a modern and extremely comprehensive solution. The Aircraft Tracking System, in particular, is a unique and valuable feature, but most importantly for us, Private-Radar allows us to customize the solution to our needs.”

About American Flight Schools

American Flight Schools are a group of like-minded flight schools and flying clubs working together to improve the industry as a whole, while providing superior flight training and aircraft rental at better pricing. Companies cannot operate in isolation, especially in the aviation industry, which is why we began working together over the last seven years to build a network of aviation companies to improve best practices in general aviation and to grow the number of successful and competent pilots. After all, we see no reason why flying cannot be both fun and affordable.


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