How to Log Student Attendance

1. Please login to your account.

2. Go to the Schedule module.

3. Scroll down to Classrooms and click on the scheduled class.

4. Now click on Presence from the small icon displayed in the middle of the row of icons.

Please note, this icon will only be displayed after the class has begun. If a class is scheduled but has not reached the start time yet, this icon will not be displayed.

5. When you click on the icon a window will open that is the presence sheet. You will see a list of your students.

  • Here you can click present or absent for each student.

  • There is also a quick button to select present for all or absent for all to save time.

  • You can also enter the time the student arrived, if they arrived late, or when they left, if they left early. The time will be reflected in the students course progress.

  • You can insert your password to sign the presence sheet and leave a comment if necessary.

6. Click save and you are all done!

You can open this window again if you need to make any modifications.

To view the records:

1. Go to Users.

2. Select your student.

3. Click on the courses tab.

4. Click on view progress. Here you will find the Presence sheets for each module. You can see partial presence when applicable. You can also download the attendance sheet PDF by clicking on the gray attendance button.

Please watch more in-depth tutorials about the Courses module to learn more!

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