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Aircraft Tracking System

Aircraft Tracking System Live Map

Private-Radar Live is the live map that you can access with a subscription to our Aircraft Tracking System. Once the Flight-Trackers are installed and activated you can begin tracking your fleet in real time.

1. Just sign-in to your account at to access the live map. When you click on an aircraft on the map you will see the aircraft registration, altitude, speed, precise location, and track.

2. When you expand the menu in the top left-hand corner you will see an overview of the scheduled flights of the day. You will also see a list of each aircraft that is equipped with a flight-tracker.

3. When you click on an aircraft in-flight that is highlighted in blue and you will see a detailed graph of the speed, altitude and elevation along with the heading. You can also enlarge the graph to get a clearer view. The map will follow the aircraft and update the information in real time.

4. When you click on an airport on the map you will see detailed information about the runways along with their surface and length. The available frequencies are displayed and a list of the airspaces with flight levels.

5. In the settings, you can change your display preferences and overlap the listed airspaces on the map.

6. When you login to the Flight School Management System by visiting or your customized unique web address, you will be able to access Flights, Aircraft, the safety management system and any other modules that you are subscribed to.

7. All the flights will be saved with their precise details. You can set up minimum and maximum speed and altitude alerts. You will also receive alerts in case of airspace intrusion or a possible emergency landing. All this information will be saved to each flight for your records.

With Private-Radar's Aircraft Tracking System you will have the safest fleet along with live automatic flight recording and alerts!

Please watch more in-depth tutorials about the Aircraft Tracking System to learn more!

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