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Intro to the Invoices Module

The Invoices Module allows you to add and keep track of all the proformas, invoices, payments, products, and different legal entities.

Users' accounts will be synchronized with the Invoices Module so you can keep track of all the invoices, proformas, debits, credits, and payments. Anytime an invoice or payment is made it will automatically appear both in the individual user's account (the Account tab) in the Users Module and in the Invoices Module.

PROFORMA: (0:41)

In the Proforma tab, you can view the date of the invoice and client, as well as the total, the amount paid, the balance, and the due date.

INVOICES: (0:50)

In the Invoices tab, you can view the date, the client, and description of the invoice, with the total, the paid and balance amount, as well as the due date.

PAYMENTS: (1:00)

In the Payments tab, you can view the date of the invoice, the client name, the amount paid, and the description text.

PRODUCTS: (1:07)

In the Products tab, you can include all your products, with the creation date, the name, type, and unit price of each one.

Products can easily be added to invoices and you can customize the VAT percentage per product.


Lastly, you can include the information of your Legal Entity or Entities, in case you have more than one. With the name of the entity, the VAT number, the address, city, and country.

You can also add, edit, and delete each one of these entries, as well as print and email the proformas, invoices, and payments.

You can also easily filter the proformas, invoices, and payments to quickly find the information you need.

Please watch more in-depth tutorials to learn more about the Invoice Module.

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