Intro to the Flights Module

This is a brief introduction to the flights module and the functionalities you will find here. 

The Flights module is basically a record of all the flights that have been completed including information such as the date, registration, route, times, crew, lessons, map, remarks and much more.

There are many functionalities in the flights module that you can use to keep track of all the information you need to register with each flight.

Here you can add, edit, view, divide, and delete flights. You can also evaluate flights with flight lessons. You can quickly view evaluations, print flights, view the map, and export to Google Earth.

The information displayed is customizable and you can easily use the filters to view specific flights. You can also save smart filters to be able to always filter the same information in just 1-click.

If you are managing multiple bases you can quickly filter by base.

You can add flights to your favorites.

You can also invoice flights from the flight module.

Private-Radar keeps footprints of any modifications that have been made and by who that you can easily review.

The access to the flights module is controlled by the your profile settings.

Please watch more in-depth tutorials about the Flights module to learn more!

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