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Intro to the Documents Module

In this tutorial, I will give you an introduction to the Documents Module.

The Documents Module allows you to easily add and share folders and files with your users. You control what files and folders are visible to other users.

You can see I already have some folders.

The Aircraft folder is created by default and holds all the documents for each aircraft automatically. The aircraft has to be synced with the Aircraft Module documents for this functionality to work.

Additional folders I have added are Operational Documents, Training Manuals, and Visual Approach Charts.

You can add folders and files by clicking on the plus sign on the bottom right-hand corner of the page.

You can share an entire folder or just share some documents that are inside that folder.

NOTE: Shared folders will share all the folders and files that are inside that folder.

Let's have a look at the Training Manuals folder. Here I have some documents in Excel, pdf, and Word. When I click on the 3 dots next to the file, I can share, delete, or copy the link to the clipboard.

When you share a file you can select individual users or a group.

I am going to select a few users from my drop-down menu and click share.

Now, this file has been shared with all the users I selected.

If I want to quickly share with all users I can just click the "share all" button. Likewise, if I want to quickly unshare the document with all users, I can click the "unshare all" button.

Here you see "Inherited Users". Remember when you share a folder, all the users that you shared with will have access to all the folders and files that are inside that folder. Inherited users are listed below.

You can delete files or folders by clicking on the three dots next to the file or folder and selecting delete.

You will be prompted with the message: "You are going to delete the file X. This action cannot be undone. Type DELETE to confirm." This will ensure that you don't accidentally delete any files.

To learn more about the Documents Module, please watch the corresponding tutorials.

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