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Intro to the Dashboard Module

In this tutorial, I will give you a brief introduction to the Dashboard Module.

The Dashboard Module displays relevant information regarding the aircraft flight trackers,  upcoming maintenance of the fleet, flight alerts, aircraft alerts, user alerts, and instructors’ next lessons.

The purpose of the Dashboard Module is to gather all the alerts and reminders from other modules in one place, to easily manage the information. For example, the Maintenance tab will show alerts if aircraft maintenance is needed, the flight alerts will be collected automatically from the flight trackers, the Aircraft tab will show the squawk alerts from the Aircraft Module’s Squawks tab, and the Users tab will show the alerts from each user’s certificates.

Let me show you each of the tabs.

**MAINTENANCE:** (0:54)

The Maintenance tab shows all the upcoming maintenance of your fleet for the next 2 months.

Here you can see each aircraft maintenance task, overdue alerts, and the upcoming maintenance due in less than a week, in the current month, or in the next month.

You can see color-coded alerts:

In the description column:

- Red: overdue.

- Yellow: due soon.

In the rest of the columns:

- Red: Dispatch not allowed.

- Green: Dispatch allowed.

Attention: do prevent dispatch, you also need to configure your Admin Settings. To do that, log in as Admin, go to Settings>Dispatch>Aircraft Constraints:**

Prevent dispatch when maintenance item overdue

Prevent dispatch when a certificate expired

You can also filter the view per base and aircraft. To learn more about the filters, please watch the video, How to Filter Maintenance Items.

**TRACKING:** (1:58)

The Tracking tab shows the flight-trackers basic information, such as the aircraft registration, the flight tracker number, the status, whether they are in-flight or on the ground, the current position, and the battery level.

**FLIGHTS:** (2:15)

The Flights tab shows the flight alerts that have been sent automatically from the flight tracker.

For example, when an aircraft has flown below the minimum altitude or when they have intruded non-authorized airspace.

The alerts are color-coded:

- Red: Intrusion into an airspace.

- Yellow: Aircraft limits exceeded (for example: Low pass).**

**AIRCRAFT: ** (2:44)

The Aircraft tab shows all the aircraft alerts, such as expired certificates and unsolved squawks.

The alerts are color-coded:

- Red: Squawk groundable.

- Yellow: Squawk not groundable.

**USERS:** (3:01)

The Users tab shows all the users’ alerts for missing or expired certificates, licenses and ratings.

The alerts are color-coded:

- Red: For the certificates missing or expired.

- Yellow: For the certificates which are going to expire in the next month.

Remember that you can prevent booking or dispatch in the Admin Settings. For more information please check the Settings tutorial**

**INSTRUCTORS:** (3:27)

The Instructors tab shows the instructors’ upcoming lessons with each student.

Here you can also assign the main instructor to a student.

For more information, please watch the tutorial, How to Assign a Main Instructor to a Student. 


The access each user has, and the tabs they can view will depend on the Roles and Privileges assigned to them. Dashboard tabs should only be available to be seen by the roles certified to have access to each tab’s information. For example, the Maintenance tab should be reserved for the maintenance team, the Flights and Instructors tab should be reserved for instructors, and so on. For more information about the Roles and Privileges for the Dashboard Module, please watch the tutorial How to Manage the Roles and Privileges for the Dashboard Module.

Please watch more in-depth tutorials to learn more about the Dashboard Module.

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