Intro to the CAMO Module

The CAMO (Continuous Airworthiness Maintenance Organisation) module is a great addition to the system to easily manage your work flow. 

Create CAMO Work Orders, Maintenance Work Orders and Certificates of Release to Service. Easily keep track of documentation, parts, stock location, and suppliers.

The CAMO Work Order creates a request for the maintenance to perform some tasks.

The Maintenance then fills in the tasks that have been performed, and the parts that have been installed or changed, and then issues the CRS (Certificate of Release to Service).

You can print all these documents in PDF.

The CAMO module also allows you to manage your parts, parts orders and suppliers.

Please watch more in-depth tutorials to learn more about the CAMO module.

Please select one of the following options below to access a series of videos designed for you.

Image by Jon Ly
Image by Mael BALLAND
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