Intro to the Aircraft Module

This is a brief introduction to the Aircraft module.

The Aircraft Module allows you to manage your entire fleet. You can manage aircraft, gliders, and simulators, including everything you need in one place.


Add aircraft with their basic information. Define a base if you are managing multiple bases. Add additional information about engines, propellers, Hobbs meter, fuel and oil capacity and consumption, and operational costs.


Keep track of all the aircraft documents, such as operating handbooks, emergency procedures, weight and balance, checklists... Your documents will be synched and shared with specified users.


Keep track of all your aircraft certificates, such as airworthiness and insurance. Get notifications of expiration dates to make sure you are always up-to-date. Certificates will automatically sync with the schedule module and you can prevent booking when a certificate is expired, depending on your settings.


Keep track of aircraft maintenance. Everything from inspections to airworthiness directives. Create custom triggers and intervals. Have a quick view of last, next, current, and overdue maintenance. Calculate the next maintenance automatically. Get notifications of maintenance schedule to make sure you are always up-to-date. Aircraft maintenance will automatically sync with the schedule module and can prevent bookings and/or dispatch when maintenance is due, depending on your settings.


Access and print the automatically updated Techbook with all the flights in just a few clicks.


You can easily keep track of all your different rates. Just create rates for an aircraft and set conditions to automatically apply the rates to make invoicing simple and easy.


Keep a record of aircraft issues. Add constraints if you want to ground the aircraft, prevent night flights, or prevent IFR flights due to the issue. Keep track of the status and the actions to take.


In the Aircraft module you can associate your flight-tracker to the aircraft by visiting the aircraft tracking tab if you are subscribed to the Aircraft Tracking System. Here you can set your minimum and maximum speed alerts and set your minimum height and maximum altitude alerts. Sign in to the Live Map to access live tracking.

Please watch the other tutorial videos available to learn more about the aircraft module.

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