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Roles and Privileges

Intro to Roles and Privileges

In this tutorial, I will give you an introduction to user Roles and Privileges.

Roles are a set of privileges for each user that can give or limit access to complete modules, tabs, or specific actions.

Creating roles is one of the most important steps when configuring the Users Module in Private-Radar. Each user will need to be assigned a role to be able to log in.

You can add as many roles as you need, for example, student, student in a specific course, flight instructor, ground instructor, head of training, administrator, mechanic, SMS manager, the finance department, and so on.

Each role will have a specific set of privileges that you can select by choosing the options in each tab, you can also copy an existing role, rename it, and then edit it. You can also select a role from one of the templates. We've created pre-built roles for performing common functions that you may be able to use out of the box—administrator, flight instructor, head of training, and so on.

Let me guide you through Roles and Privileges.

1. First, log in to your account.

2. Go to the Users Module.

3. Click on the Roles button on the top right-hand corner of the page.

4. Here you can add roles. Click on the “+ Add” button, write the name of the role and choose how you want to create it: You can create an empty role, copy a previously created role, or use one of our templates. We have created pre-built roles such as administrator, flight instructor, head of training to make it easy and faster for you. These pre-built roles can be edited. 

5. You can also rename the role by clicking on the “Rename” button or even delete the complete role by clicking on the “Delete” button, in this case, you will be prompted with a warning: “Attention. Are you sure you want to delete that role?”, click “Yes” to delete or “No” to cancel.

6. You will find your list of roles in the drop-down list at the top of the window, followed by a list of tabs for each module’s privilieges (Home, News, Dashboard, Schedule, Flights, Aircraft, Users, Courses, SMS, Reports, Invoices, Mailing, Documents, CAMO, Admin and Mandatory Certificates). 

The Mandatory Certificates tab does not correspond to a module, but here you will be able to manage all the licenses, ratings, and certificates that are mandatory for each role.

6. Each tab has an introductory description, a video tutorial for a full explanation of the privileges for that module, and helpful tooltips on some of the options.

7. You can clearly define what each role can view and do in each module. The options are extensive so you can completely customize the software to your operations. The options correspond to the functionalities in each module.

8. After you finish editing, just close the window. Your changes will be automatically saved.

Please watch more in-depth tutorials about the Users Roles and Privileges to learn more.

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