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Intro to Home Page

In this tutorial, I will give you an introduction to the Home Page.

The Home Page displays cards with the Bookings scheduled, Missing Signatures reminders, Certificate Warnings, Weather Status, important information, etc.  

The Home Page configuration and its display will depend on the Roles and Privileges given to each user. The admin of the account will have a unique view of the Home Page, as opposed to any other user role, who will see pre-defined cards and any other customized cards. 


The super-admin of the account will be able to:

- View, add and delete the Weather stations.

- Create, edit and delete cards.

- Add and edit the Cover Image.

For example, here we have created an “Important Information” card and a Weather card, which includes a Weather Link. 

NOTE: For security reasons, it is not possible to add javascript to the cards. 

**USER VIEW** (1:06)

General users will have a different view of the Home Page:

- Weather: users see the Weather Station Information displayed as a list above the cards, unless they have the right to edit them.

- My Bookings: users have a view of all the upcoming bookings scheduled, and are able to dispatch them if they have right to do so.

- Missing Signatures: they will be reminded of all the documents that they need to sign, such as class presence sheets and flight evaluations; instructors will be able to not only sign these documents but also take attendance and complete the evaluations directly from the Home Page.

- Certificate Warnings: They will see their the certificates missing or expired. 

- They will also see all the additional cards added by the super admin or the the users with the corresponding right. 

Additionally, users will see the mandatory news that have been created on top of the home page when they log in. 


All the users see a Footer on the Home Page which includes the following information:

- The local time and UTC timezone.

- A direct link to our Tutorials page, which includes more than 100 video tutorials for all users to learn in-depth the functionalities Private-Radar offers.

- A Feedback button to be able to send us a feedback message about bugs, improvements, spelling mistakes, or any other comments you may have.

For more information about feedback, please watch the tutorial Feedback.


A user must have the corresponding Roles and Privileges to be able to Add, Edit, or Delete Cards, Add/Edit a Weather Station, Delete a Weather Station and Add/Edit the Cover Image.

Let me show you.

1. Go to the Users Module.

2. Select the Roles and Privileges icon on the top right-hand corner of the page.

3. Select a role from the drop-down list.

4. Go to the Home tab.

5. Check off View Home.

6. Check off the corresponding privileges:

     - Add/Edit Cards.

     - Delete Cards.

     - Add/Edit Weather Stations.

     - Delete Weather Station.

     - Add/Edit Cover Image.

For more information about the Home Page, please watch the other tutorials.

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