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How to Set Up your Availability

In this tutorial, you will learn how to set up your availability.

The Availability configuration allows students and instructors to control their availability for flight and ground lessons. It can be set up by specific dates or weekly availability. You can add as many availability restrictions as you want. You can edit and delete them.

By default, all users are available to be scheduled, each user can change this individually by adding their availability or unavailability in the Me Module.

IMPORTANT: To set up your availability you must have the Roles and Privileges to add, edit, and delete availability. For more information on how to configure it, please watch the tutorial, How to Manage the Roles and Privileges for the Users Module.

ADD: (0:55)

To set up your availability:

1. First, log in to your account.

2. Go to the Me Module.

3. Click on the Availability tab.

4. Select “Available by default” or “Not available by default”. For example, select “Not available by default”. Now, if we go to the Schedule Module and refresh, the user will always appear as unavailable.

Going back to the Availability tab, you can click on “Add Availability”. Here you can create a specific date and time of availability or create a repeated weekly availability.

-For a specific date and time: Choose a day in the calendar. For example, if the user were to choose the date set for tomorrow as well as a time range from 10 to 17 hours. Now, when we go to the schedule and choose to see tomorrow, the user’s availability will show for the time range the user has set.

For a repeated weekly availability: Choose the days of the week that you are available. For example, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, at a 10 to 17 hours time range. Now refresh the schedule and go through the days. It will show that the user is available on Monday, not available on Tuesday, available on Wednesday, and so on. This will repeat every week.

You can do the same starting with “Available by default” and add the availability restrictions that you need. The schedule will show complete availability on the days without restrictions, and also the time frame restrictions you set for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Let me show you an example of a booking with an unavailable user. I will select an aircraft, add a booking, select Julie Apton as the pilot, select a lesson, and click “Save”. An alert will appear “Julie Apton: Not available”, and I won’t be able to save the booking. If I change the date to an available pilot for the user, I will be able to save the booking and it will appear in the schedule.

EDIT: (3:03)

To edit your availability:

1. Click on the “Edit” icon, the small pencil.

Here you can change the date, time and also add a repeated weekly availability.

Don’t forget to save.

DELETE: (3:18)

To delete a set availability:

1. Just click on the “Delete” icon, the trash can. The restriction will disappear.

For more information on the Users/Me Module, please watch the other tutorials.

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