Glossary of Terms

The following terms are frequently used within Private Radar:


Agenda: User's calendar.

ATS: Aircraft Tracking System.

Booking: A planned flight/simulator, or theoretical class in the Schedule module.

Check-In: Finalize a flight or simulator session. Check-in to manually record times (when a flight or simulator session is finished). Check-in is automatic with the flight-tracker.

Class: A class of users in a course (e.g., 'Class of 2020'), create in Courses module.

Currency: The currency determines whether a pilot can fly solo, with or without passengers. A pilot is current if he has flown a certain number of times in the past. This is determined by the number of landings completed on a specific aircraft type. By default 3 landings in the past one month for flying solo with passengers, and 3 in the past three months for flying solo without passengers. Currency can be configured in the Administrator settings.

Dashboard: Overview of key information.

Flights: A flight or simulator event which has occurred. Flights can be created different ways; manually, from check-in, automatically from a booking or a flight-tracker. 

Footprints: Electronic log of users' actions, i.e., modifications, on bookings and flights.

Group: A group of users that can be used to filter your users, send a mass mailing, create a booking, and assign a specific profile for access requirements throughout the software. You can create groups in the Users module.

Instruction: Dual.

Module: Interoperable software component within Private-Radar, e.g. "Schedule", "Flights", “Aircraft”, “Users”, and "Courses".

Private: Private bookings can only be seen by users who are given the profile right to view private bookings. Private bookings do not send notifications to the participants. 

Profile: Defined level of access given to a selection of registered users, e.g., student, instructor, accounting department, ops manager... You can create profiles and completely customize the access rights. A user must have a profile and email to access Private-Radar.

Public: Public bookings can be seen by users who are given the profile right to view the schedule. Public bookings send notifications to the participants. 

Publish: To transform a private bookings into a public booking.

Schedule: Chronological presentation of program. Including aircraft bookings, flight lesson bookings, simulator session bookings, theoretical lesson bookings, and instructors' activities.

Squawk: Aircraft issue/defect that is subject to review and/or maintenance, e.g. autopilot inoperable, landing light not working...

Tracker: Flight tracking & recording device installed in an aircraft as part of the ATS.

Tracking: Real time monitoring and automatic recording of flight times and route with the tracker.

User: Individual, i.e., staff, student, instructor, added in the User module database that can be given access to Private-Radar by having an assigned profile and an email address.

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