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How to Evaluate an MCC Lesson

In this tutorial, I will show you how to evaluate an MCC lesson.

To create an MCC lesson,

  • First, create a new flight.

  • Select your simulator and select MCC as flight type.

  • Enter the times.

  • Then in the Crew tab, select the Pilot Flying (PF), Pilot Monitoring (PM) and the MCC instructor (MCCI).

In the Courses tab, you will see 2 tabs, one for the PF and one for the PM. You can select a different lesson for the PF and the PM, as I am showing you now.

Then, you can make the evaluation for both of the students.

When they change seats, you will be able to create another MCC flight, with the functions reversed. You will then be able to select the corresponding lessons and evaluate them.

If you want to, you can create only 1 lesson for an MCC session and put both the PF and PM part in the lesson. In that case, the instructor will simply evaluate the PF part when the student is the PF, and put the PM exercises to N/A, and vice versa for the PM.

In the Flights list, you will see the 2 evaluations in the Lessons column. The first one is for the PF, and the second one is for the PM.

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