How to Dispatch a Flight

In this tutorial, I will show you how to dispatch a flight.

1. First, sign in to your account.

2. Go to the schedule module.

3. Select the schedule tab.

4. Click on a booking you want to dispatch.

5. Click on the small dispatch icon. The dispatch booking window will open and the system will check that dispatch is allowed based on the constraints if there are any.

Dispatch Settings can be found by going to settings and select dispatch from the menu. Please watch the tutorial, Dispatch Settings, for more information.

6. You can check off the box, "Print ticket" if you need to have a paper trail.

7. Click OK.

To view the flow of your operations, you can click on the Dispatch tab.

Here you will see all the pending, canceled, dispatched, checked in, and invoiced flights.

From this tab, you can also click on any pending booking and select dispatch flight from the drop-down menu.

If the pending booking is late for dispatch you will see a warning in red showing how many hours it is late.

Dispatch is not obligatory. It is a tool that will help you see the flow of your bookings and be able to double-check that everything is correct regarding any constraints that have been set.

If you have the Aircraft Tracking System installed on the aircraft you do not need to manually dispatch a flight. The Flight-Tracker will detect the start of the aircraft, synchronize with the information from the booking in the schedule, and automatically dispatch the flight.

Please watch the tutorial, How to Check-in a Flight.

Please watch more in-depth tutorials about the Schedule module to learn more!

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