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In this tutorial, I will show you the Courses tab in the Me or Users Module. Depending on the privileges each user role has, they will be allowed to view only themselves in the Me Module, or also view other users in the Users Module.

1. First, log in to your account.

2. Go to the Me Module, or the Users Module and pick a user.

3. Click on the Courses tab.

NOTE: Depending on your Roles and Privileges you may have limited or full access to the features in this module such as view the course progress, print hours certificate, validate lessons, edit course adjustment, and/or edit course status.

For more information, please watch the tutorial How to Manage the Roles and Privileges for the Users Module.

For example, if you are an administrator or an instructor, you may have access to view students' individual progress.

1. Here you will see a list of all the courses you are currently enrolled in or have finished.

2. You will see "In progress" or "Finished" next to the course to indicate the status of the course. You can also edit the status by clicking on the pencil icon.

3. Expand a course to see more details of the course progress. Fold and unfold the course to reload and update the displayed information.


  1. There is a Flights graph that can be expanded displaying the number of flight hours on the y-axis and the date on the x-axis. The little gray diamonds represent the milestones and the little blue diamonds represent the actual flights completed. You can see the date of the milestone and the actual date the flight lesson or exam was completed and how many days apart this was achieved. The gray line represents the syllabus projection and the blue line represents the actual progress.

  2. If the course is registered as CBT, then you will also view a Competencies Radar Chart with all the phases overlapping each other and the average standard grade for each competency.

  3. Next, you have a summary of the accumulated flight times for VFR, IFR, MCC, and so on. These flight times are computed automatically based on the flights in the system.

NOTE: As mentioned before, depending on your Roles and Privileges, you may be able to click on the "Edit" button and make adjustments if necessary. This is used to modify the times if you have validated a lesson for a student from another program or school. You can adjust the times in each category so the times are completely accurate including flight lessons that have been previously completed but have not been accounted for in the system.

1. You can download all the flight session sheets by clicking on the "All PDF" button.

2. You can download a course time summary by clicking on the “Hours” button.

3. You can obtain a flight report by clicking on the “Reports” button.

4. You can generate an hours certificate by clicking on the "Certificate" button.

5. You can see a summary of the open, failed, and completed exercises if you click on the "Exercises" button. This way you can easily track the progress of all the exercises in a lesson and know exactly which ones have or have not been completed.

6. Below, you can see the phases and the hours completed per phase with a white background that will turn blue as the student completes the exercises and hours, and green when the lesson is approved.

NOTE: If there is a red lock next to the phase this will prevent instructors and schedulers from selecting a mission or lesson in the next phase if the current phase has not yet been completed. This applies to when you select lessons for bookings in the Schedule Module and lessons for flights in the Flights Module.

For more information, please watch the tutorial, How to Lock/Unlock Phases.

1. If you expand the phase you will see a detailed summary of the lessons, date of the flight, instructor, type of flight with the times, and the evaluation grade. All of the flights of a lesson appear together, with the total for the lesson at the bottom. The flights are color-coded:

  • Green: the lesson has a passing grade.

  • Red: the lesson has a failing grade.

  • Gray: the lesson is done but has not been evaluated.

  • Blue: the lesson is scheduled.

  • White: the lesson hasn't been completed yet.

2. Again, depending on your Roles and Privileges, If you click on the 3 dots next to a flight lesson you may have the option to perform different actions depending on the status of the lesson. For example, if the lesson is gray, which means it is a pending evaluation, you can download the PDF, view the flight, and/or evaluate the flight. If the lesson is blue or white, it means it has not been completed yet, you can choose to validate the lesson, this way you can count the lesson as done in the student’s progress and keep the system updated.


  1. On the right-hand side, you have a pie chart showing the attendance of Ground Lessons, with the total hours and percentage present and absent.
    You can download the Theoretical Knowledge Attendance sheet by clicking on the "Attendance" button.

  2. Below you will see a list of the modules and the progress. This is where you can also validate the ground lessons or cancel the validation if needed, and download the presence sheet.

Please watch the tutorials, How to Validate Flight and Ground Lessons and See Student Progress, for more details.

For more information on the Users Module, please watch the corresponding tutorials.

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