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How to Configure Maintenance

In this video, I will show you how to configure maintenance in the Aircraft Module.

There are 3 important steps to follow to properly add a new maintenance item, initialize an item and update an item. Please keep watching to learn these easy steps. Once your maintenance is set up you can enjoy automatic maintenance tracking and automatic maintenance alerts.

In the Maintenance tab of the Aircraft Module, you can set up all the maintenance items you want to follow for an aircraft.

Let's get started.

ADD AN ITEM: (0:40)

1. Go to the Aircraft Module, select the aircraft, click on the Maintenance tab.

2. To add an item, click on "New item".

3. You need to enter a name (example: 50h), and select a category (such as Inspection).

4. Then you need to select triggers. A trigger is an interval at which a specific item will be set to be maintained.

5. You can set up one or several triggers for each item.

6. You can set up a date trigger, for items that have a limited lifespan in terms of time, for example, 1 year.

7. You can set up an hours trigger, for items that have to be maintained every number of hours, for example, a 50h maintenance. Please take into account that the interval unit that you use is very important:

  • “Start/Stop” is from the Start time to the Stop Time of the flight. This is also called Total Time.

  • “Off block” is from the Taxi Time to the Stop Time. This is also called Block Time.

  • “Air time” is from the Takeoff Time to the Landing Time. This is also called Airborne Time.

  • “Hobbs” and “Tach” use the decimal numbers entered in the flights.

8. You can also set up a Cycles Trigger. A cycle is a full stop landing or a touch and go.

9. The Allow Dispatch is an option that allows you to dispatch a flight even if this item is overdue.

10. Once you are done, you can save the item.

For more information on the types of times, please watch the video Techbook Times and Settings.

NOTE: To quickly add items you have already created in another aircraft, click on the “Existing items” button. You can select the items you want to add and save.


Once you have saved an item you need to make sure that the hours that you are using are initialized. In the example that I created, I used the air time, but the air time has not been initialized.

1. To initialize the times, click on the "Update times" button.


The last step is to update the last maintenance of an item. The system tells me that my item is overdue, because my last maintenance for this item is not set.

1. To set up the time of the last maintenance, click on the "Last maintenance" button.

2. Enter the number of hours of the last maintenance.

3. Now you are ready to start automatically tracking your maintenance items and automatically receive alerts.

For more information on the Aircraft Module, please watch the corresponding tutorials.

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