How to Assign a Main Instructor to a Student

In this tutorial I will explain how to assign a main instructor to a student in a course.

1. First sign in to your account

2. Go to the Courses module

3. Select a course, such as ATPL

4. Click on the students tab.

Here you see all the students in the course or you can filter by class. You can also hide finished or inactive students.

Make sure you select "Flights" in the progress overview, not "Ground".

Scroll down to the Instructors row and click "Edit", select an instructor and save.

To make it easier to schedule lessons, you will also be able to see the main instructor displayed not only on the student progress but also in the schedule module under the students tab.

You can also see this information from the Dashboard. For a quick view just go to the Dashboard, click on the instructor's tab, click on the name of an instructor to expand the list of their students with the name of the course and the next lesson to be scheduled.

Please watch more in-depth tutorials about the Courses module to learn more!

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