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Admin Log In and Password

In this tutorial, I will explain how to log in and manage passwords as the company's primary admin of the account. 

As the company's primary admin, you can manage the company's account, as well as other registered users.

NOTE:  The company’s primary admin account is the unique username that was registered by Private-Radar when the account was created. As an example, the login username could be something like "newflightschool". Be careful when entering the username as it is case sensitive.

When your account is created you will receive a welcome email with your username and password to access Private-Radar. There is only one primary admin account. The login username for a company's primary admin is always it's unique username, not an email address.

On the other hand, the login username for a registered user's account is always his/her email address. A user's unique email address can be registered in only one school at a time that is using Private-Radar. If the email is already being used, the system will show an error and will not allow you to save it. If you need to register a user that has an account in another school please use an alternative email address. 

Let's get started.  

ADMIN LOG IN: (1:21)

To log in as the company's primary admin, you must enter the company's username and password. 

1. Go to the log-in page. 

2. Enter the username and password.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you enter your company's username correctly as it is case-sensitive. For example, if the username of my company is "newflightschool" all in lowercase letters, the system won't let me log in if I write "NewFlightSchool" (with capital letters at the beginning of each word).

In the Admin Module, on the Administrator tab you can find the name, email, and phone number of the registered administrator of the account. This is also where you can change the admin password.


If you forgot the admin password:

1. Click on the link “Forgot your password”. 

2. In the pop-up window, write the company's username to receive a new password. 

3. Then click on the button “Send me a new password”.  

4. A new password will be generated and sent to the email address that is registered. If you do not receive it, please check your spam folder. 

5. If it is not there, please contact us at


To change the admin password:

1. Go to the Admin Module.

2. Click on the Administration tab.

3. Then click on "Change admin password". 

4. Enter and confirm the admin’s new password. 

5. Don't forget to save.


If you want to resend a user the welcome email with his/her password, first, you must check if they have a registered email and have been assigned a user role.

1. Go to the Users Module.

2. Select the user.

3. Click on the small envelope in the account information box, next to the role. 

4. You will be prompted with a message: “Attention! Are you sure to resend the Welcome email?”. Click “Yes” to accept or “No” to cancel.

This will resend a welcome email to the user with his/her log-in details which include his/her username which is their email address and password.


If you want to change a user's password:

1. Go to the Users Module.

2. Select the user whose password you would like to change.

3. Click on the “Change password” button, the lock icon on the top right-hand corner of the page.  

4. Enter and confirm the new password.

5. Don't forget to save. 

The user will receive an email with the new password. 

REMEMBER: There is only one primary admin for a company's account. If you want to give a user a role that gives him/her certain privileges to perform administrative tasks, please watch the other tutorials related to Roles and Privileges.

If you are in charge of the company's primary admin account you can also have a personal user account registered to your email address. When your account is created you will receive a welcome email with your username and password to access Private-Radar.  Just remember that when you log in to your own user account you must use your email address as the username and your own password. 

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