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How to Add/Edit/Delete/Evaluate a Lesson from a Flight

This tutorial will show you some of the functionalities that can be performed from the Flights Module. You will learn how to add, edit, and delete a lesson from a flight. You will also learn how to evaluate a lesson.

ADD: (0:25)

To add a flight with a lesson:

1. First, log in to your account.

2. Go to the Flights Module.

3. Click on the “Add” button, the plus icon on the bottom right-hand corner of the page.

4. The “Add a flight” window will open. Here you can fill in the flight information. In the first tab, you can add the aircraft, flight type, times, tach, route, weather, and remarks. In the next tab, you can select the crew members. Now, go to the “Lessons” tab.

IMPORTANT: To select a lesson, you must have previously selected the crew. Otherwise, a message will appear: “Please select a student”.

  1. Here you will see three buttons: “Add”, “Auto”, and “Saved evaluation”.

If you choose “Add”, a window will open where you can choose the course, phase, lesson, and if you want to select specific exercises, just click on the small arrow to display the exercises. You will see the color-coded course progress: Green represents lessons that have been completed and have a passing grade (the darker the green, the better the grade), red represents completed but failed lessons, gray represents incomplete lessons, blue represents lessons that have already been scheduled, and white represents pending lessons. Lessons with a lock on the left mean that the phase was locked for that student, to prevent selecting a lesson in the next phase if the current phase is not complete. Click "Save" when you have finished selecting the lesson and/or exercises.

By clicking on the “Auto” button, the system will automatically select the upcoming lesson for the student and it will appear in the tab as an open evaluation.

NOTE: To view the list of next lessons, go to the Students tab in the Schedule Module, select a course, and check the next lesson to schedule, the student, and the instructor.

Additionally, at the bottom of the window, you can add more lessons manually by clicking on the "Add" button. You can also choose an evaluated lesson done offline by clicking on the "Saved evaluations" button. If you click on “Saved evaluations”, a list of all the saved evaluated lessons that have been done offline will appear with the date, aircraft, crew, and lesson as a reference.

1. If you want to add more detailed information about the flight, have a look at the rest of the tabs: Landings, Fuel/Oil, Squawks, Documents, and flight reports for Italy (Attestazione & Registro dei voli). This last tab is reserved for Italian companies only.

2. When you finish adding your flight information, don’t forget to save.

IMPORTANT: The minimum information required to create a flight includes the aircraft, date, the correct flight times, and the crew members. Adding a lesson is not required to create a flight, but if you wish to evaluate the flight, you must have selected the crew before you select the lesson. For more information about how to create a flight, please watch the tutorial How to Add/Edit/Delete a Flight.

EDIT: (3:43)

To edit a lesson of a flight:

1. Go to the Flights Module.

2. Select the flight that you want to edit and click on the three dots to the right.

3. Select “Edit Flight”.

4. Go to the Lessons tab.

5. Here you can remove lessons or add new lessons. You can remove a lesson by clicking on the trash can icon next to the title of the lesson. You can add a lesson by clicking on the “Add” or “Saved evaluations” buttons at the bottom of the window.

6. Once you finish editing, click on “Save”.

DELETE: (4:18)

To delete a lesson:

1. Go to the Flights Module.

2. Select the flight with the lesson you want to delete and click on the three dots to the right.

3. Select “Edit Flight”.

4. Go to the Lessons tab.

5. Scroll down to “Lessons”.

6. Find the lesson you want to delete and click on the trash can icon next to the title.

7. Don’t forget to save your changes.

EVALUATE: (4:43)

To evaluate a flight lesson:

1. Go to the Flights Module.

2. Select the flight you want to evaluate and click on the three dots to the right.

3. You can either choose the “Edit flight” button and go to the “Lessons” tab, or click on the “Evaluate flight” button to go directly to the evaluation.

IMPORTANT: To access the flight evaluation, you must have previously selected the crew, both student and instructor. Otherwise, an alert message will appear: “Attention: instructor or student not selected. Please edit flight before evaluating”.

1. Here the instructor will be able to fill in the Global evaluation and grade for each lesson, as well as add comments. The grading scale will follow the evaluation scale that has been configured in the Settings. This can be found in the settings on the Evaluation tab. Green represents a passing grade and red represents a failed grade.

2. When the instructor is finished evaluating, he can sign by filling in his password and pass the tablet to the student so he/she can sign the evaluation at that moment by also entering his/her password on the same device. Otherwise, students and instructors will also have the opportunity to sign the evaluation by going to the Me Module, under the Signatures tab, or the Home page under the "Missing signatures" card.

3. Don't forget to save.

For more information on flight evaluations, please watch the tutorial How to Evaluate a Flight Lesson.


Please note that depending on the configuration of Roles and Privileges, users may or may not have access to add and edit flights as well as evaluate lessons.

To configure the Roles and Privileges of the Flight Module:

1. Go to the Users Module.

2. Click on the Roles icon on the top right-hand corner of the page.

Select a role from the drop-down list.

3. Click on the Flights tab.

4. Here you can choose which privileges to give to the selected role. To manage flight evaluations, the role will need to have at least these four privileges:

  • View Flights Module.

  • Evaluate lessons.

  • Add flights.

  • Edit flights and edit flight times.

For more information, please watch the tutorial How to Manage the Roles and Privileges for the Flights Module.

Please watch more in-depth tutorials about the Flights Module to learn more!

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