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How to Add/Edit/Delete Aircraft Rates

Today I am going to be teaching you how to Add/Edit/Delete Aircraft Rates. 

Creating rates on an aircraft will allow you to invoice automatically or manually your flights, and then update your users' accounts. 

Let's start: 

1. Select an aircraft.

2. Click on the rates tab. 

3. Click "Add rate" button. 

4. In the pop-up window, Enter the name of the rate and add the rates for the flight types, such as solo flight, VFR, IFR etc. 

5. You can add the VAT/Taxes/GST and an invoicing code if you want. 

6. Select an invoicing method. You can choose from the following options:  Hobbs


Tach + fixed time

Master on / off

Off block 

On block


Airborne + fixed

The first rate you create for an aircraft will automatically be selected as the default rate. If you have more than one rate, you can set the conditions for all the other rates. Rates are selected in the order they were created. The system checks if the first conditional rate applies, if not the second, and so on. If none apply then the default rate applies. You can easily copy this rate for all aircraft of the same type by checking off the box. 

You can select from these condition options:

The rate applies if at least one of these conditions applies. 


The rate applies if all conditions apply.

Applies to these customers: (select a customer or customers)

Applies to these groups: (select a group or groups)

Applies according to this schedule: (select dates and/or times)

Applies when a user belongs to one of these courses:

Applies when the customer's balance is superior to (set amount)

7. Don't forget to save.


The first-rate you create for an aircraft, or the default rate, will not give you the option to apply conditions. If you create more than one rate for an aircraft you can apply conditions to any of the subsequent rates. In case several rates apply to a customer, the rates will apply in the order they have been created.


1. Go to the aircraft module.

2. Select the aircraft.

3. Click on the rates tab and click on the edit icon (small pencil) next to the rate you want to edit.


1. Go to the aircraft module.

2. Select the aircraft.

3. Click on the rates tab and click on the delete icon (small trashcan) next to the rate you want to delete.

You can't delete the default rate, you can only edit it. 


A user must have the corresponding Roles and Privileges to be able to Add, Edit, and Delete Aircraft Rates. Let me show you. 

1. Go to the Users Module.

2. Click on the Roles and Privileges icon on the top right-hand corner of the page.

3. Select a role from the dropdown list, for example, Instructor.

4. Click on the Aircraft Tab.

5. Scroll down to Rates and check off the box, View Rates. 

6. Then, check off the box Edit Rates.

Once you have checked off these two boxes, the user will be allowed to Add, Edit, and Delete Aircraft Rates. 

For more information about the Roles and Privileges of the Aircraft Module, please watch the other tutorials. 

For more information about the Aircraft module, please watch the other Aircraft module tutorials. 

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