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How to Add/Edit/Delete a Weather Station

In this tutorial, I will show you how to add, edit, and delete a weather station on the Home Page.

The Home Page displays different cards that include information such as bookings scheduled, missing signatures reminders, certificate warnings, weather stations, important information, etc. 

Before we start, make sure your user role has the privilege to add, edit, and delete weather stations. To learn how to configure this, please watch the tutorial How to Manage the Roles and Privileges for the Home Page.

ADD: (0:40)

To add a weather station:

2. Go to the Home Page.

3. Click on the three dots on the top right-hand corner of the weather card.

4. Select “+ Add Station”.

5. Type the name of the airport in ICAO format.

6. Don't forget to save.

Now you will have the updated weather station displayed directly on the Home Page.

NOTE: Users that don’t have the privilege to add, edit, or delete weather stations, won’t see the list displayed.

DELETE: (1:15)

To delete a weather station:

1. Just click on the “Delete” button next to the weather station.

Please watch more in-depth tutorials about the Home Page to learn more!

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