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How to Add/Edit/Assess/Delete an SMS Event

In this tutorial, I will show you how to add, edit, assess, and delete an SMS event.

The SMS Module keeps track of all the safety events that are registered in the system to keep your reporting simple and well-documented. Depending on the Roles and Privileges assigned to a user, you can view, add, edit, assess, delete, and print events. 

You can select the privileges for each role. This will determine if a user assigned a specific role will be able to see the Assessment and Actions tabs. These tabs are generally restricted to the SMS Manager or whoever is in charge of assessing an SMS event. This will allow us to assess the event, set the status, select a Mandatory Occurence Reporting (M.O.R.) , and define the actions to take. For more information about this configuration, please watch the video, How to Manage the Roles and Privileges for the SMS Module.

Let's get started. 

ADD: (1:06)

To add an SMS event, I am going to show you from a student’s account, who should only have access to the General, Advanced, and Documents tab:

1. First, log in to your account. 

2. Go to the SMS Module. 

3. Click on the plus sign on the bottom right-hand corner of the page. 

4. In the General tab, add the date, a title, and a brief description. 

You can also choose to report the safety event anonymously, this way no one will know the identity of the user that added the event. 

5. In the Advanced tab, choose one of the predefined event types, this will prompt you with detailed options to choose from, that will help you add precise information related to this event type. 

- For example, I am going to select "Runway excursion".

- Select an aircraft.

- Now select the phase of the flight. I am going to select "Landing". 

- Select the flight plan, "VFR" in this case. 

- Select the mission, for example, "Training".

- You can add the injuries if any. 

- Select the level of aircraft damage. You can also add details of the parts of the aircraft that have been damaged or struck, along with the estimated costs. 

- Add any other damage description if necessary.

- Finally, you can give details related to the environmental conditions. 

REMEMBER: You don’t need to fill in all the information, just make sure you fill in the required fields, which will be mark with an asterisk (*).

6. Next, you have the Documents tab, where you can upload photos or documents.

7. When you finish adding the information, click in the “Save” button.

EDIT: (2:43)

To edit an SMS event:

1. Click on the three dots next to the event you want to edit.

2. Click on “Edit”.

3. Here you will be able to edit the information and add any other progress of the event.

4. Don’t forget to save.

ASSESS: (2:59)

To assess an SMS event, I am going to do it from an SMS Manager’s account, who should also have access to the Assessment and Actions tab:

1. Click on the three dots next to the event. 

2. Click on “Edit”.

3. Go to the Assessment tab.

4. Select a primary problem from the predefined options.

5. List all the contributing factors.

6. And the human factors that may have influenced the event.

7. Next, you can do a Pre Assessment Evaluation in the matrix. This can be easily done by replying to two questions: 

- If this event had escalated into an accident outcome, what would have been the most credible outcome?

- What was the effectiveness of the remaining barriers between this event and the most credible accident scenario?

8. And finally, you can make a classification in the risk matrix based on the severity and likelihood estimation. The risk index is mapped as a single plot (severity vs probability).

9. In the Actions tab, you will be able to describe the actions to take, and the actions taken.

10. Don’t forget to save.

IMPORTANT: The “Assess” option in the Roles and Privileges includes 2 special options in the General tab.

- The MOR or Mandatory Occurrence Reporting option, in case you are required to report an accident or a certain type of incident.

- And the Status option, where you can change it to initial, in progress or closed.

DELETE: (4:25)

To delete an SMS event:

1. Click on the three dots next to the event you want to delete.

2. Click on “Delete”.

3. You will be prompted with a message: “Are you sure you want to delete this event?”.

4. Click “Yes” to delete or “Cancel”.

PRINT: (4:42)

To download a PDF of an event and print it:

1. Click on the three dots next to the event you want to download.

2. Click on “PDF”.

3. An SMS report will download for you to save or print.

Please watch more in-depth tutorials to learn more about the SMS Module.

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