Account Balance

In this tutorial, I will show you the Account Balance for a user.

1. First, log in to your account.

2. Go to the Me page or the Users module and select a user.

3. Click on the Account tab.

Here you can view the Account Balance.

You can view all the transactions with the date, description, debit, credit, and balance.

Scroll down to find the Invoices.

Depending on your profile rights, you may have more functionalities accessible to you.

You may be allowed to edit, delete, and download invoices by clicking on the small icons to the right of the transaction.


In Account Balance, you can add an invoice by clicking on the 'Add invoice' button. Here you can add a code, description, unit price, quantity, and tax percentage. You can also just click 'Add products' and select from the products that have already been defined and click Ok.

This will debit the account and create an invoice.


You can add a subsidy.

Here you can see I have an active user that is a company.

If you have an active user that is a company and they are paying an amount of another user's tuition, flight hours, or balance, for example, the company will be charged an invoice for the amount defined.

Just click on the 'Add Subsidy' botton, add the date, amount and select the authorized payer from the drop-down menu, add any comments and save.

Now if we go back to the payers account we will see the invoice for the user posted on the company account.


1. To add a payment click on the 'Add payment' button. 

2. Enter a description, check off the payment type, and enter the amount.  

3. Send a receipt by checking off the box and adding an email address. This will add credit to the account.


Depending on your organization, you may have the option to make a credit card payment directly by clicking on the card payment button.


You can transfer an amount of credit from one account to another. 

1. Just click on the 'Account transfer' button, transfer to a user from the drop-down menu, add a description and the amount. 

2. Don't forget to save.


If you want to download the account balance, just click the 'Download' button. This will generate a pdf.


You can also send the account balance by email by clicking on the 'Send by email' button.


If you click on settings you can set a minimum balance. This will apply when a user constraint is activated. 

For example, if you set the minimum balance to 100 euros and now you go to the Settings in the top left-hand corner of the page and select Schedule from the left-hand menu, you will find a user constraint that says "Prevent booking when the user's account is below the minimum amount defined in User / Account / Settings". When this is activated the minimum account balance for that user will apply.

This can also be a user constraint in the Dispatch Settings. "Prevent dispatch when the user's account is below the minimum amount defined in User / Account / Settings".

For more information on the Users module, please watch the corresponding tutorials.

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