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Why Private-Radar? Hear from the experts at Lufthansa Aviation Training.

Scheduling, Live Aircraft Tracking, Monitoring students' progress and an easy-to-use Evaluation interface(on/offline), are the clear benefits of Private-Radar, as outlined by senior team members at the Lufthansa Aviation Training flight school, European Flight Academy.

Watch the video above to hear from Matthais Lehman, Head of Pilot Schools within Lufthansa Aviation Training, as well as European Flight Academy's Flight Instructor Christian Wendt, ATO Scheduler Tammy Erdmann, and Mathias Offen Head of Camo for Lufthansa Aviation Training, on the benefits of Private-Radar and how using Private-Radar’s initiative management solution has simplified their daily operations and changed the way they work.

"A real game changer from our previous system" Tammy Erdmann, ATO Scheduler.

Since choosing Private-Radar, Lufthansa Aviation Training has been using our Flight School Management and Aircraft Tracking systems on a daily basis to streamline their processes and increase efficiency.

Spread across five locations around the globe and training hundreds of students annually, Lufthansa Aviation Training needed an easy-to-use, cloud-based solution for their daily management tasks.

"Private-Radar is without a doubt the best solution for European Flight Academy.” Carsten Mangasser, Head of Pilot School and Deputy Head of Training ATO at Lufthansa Aviation Training, Switzerland.

Using Private-Radar gives Lufthansa Aviation's, European Flight Academy complete control of all aspects of their pilot training program, including Scheduling and Dispatch, Evaluating Students (even mid-flight), Monitoring/Reviewing Student Progress and Aircraft Maintenance all in one system.


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