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Leading Edge Aviation

A fresh approach to pilot education and a modern training methodology is what drives Leading Edge Aviation to bring the ultimate learning experience to its students, by partnering with Private-Radar.

This London Oxford Airport-based academy has created a pioneer development program focused on new training technology, such as virtual and mixed reality, and neuro training techniques, that complements perfectly with Private-Radar’s Flight School Management System and Aircraft Tracking System. The decision to switch to Private-Radar from their previous software has shown an increase in productivity and has completely streamlined their operations.

Dave Alexander, Chief Operations Officer of LEAL says:

“Private-Radar has enabled us to increase the visibility of our students' training across the board removing the need for multiple systems as they move from ground school to flight training.”

Since introducing Private-Radar into the academy, Leading Edge Aviation has enjoyed enhanced visibility of both ground school and flight training activities, bringing all under one roof so the instructors, staff, and students have a seamless experience, all the way through their training journey.

The operations team uses Private-Radar to cover all their needs, from planning and allocating all training flights in detail, controlling aircraft maintenance schedules as well as managing and communicating with their students and instructors.

Private-Radar offers the most advanced and innovative aviation training solutions, including a Flight School Management System, a fully-integrated Aircraft Tracking System, and a Learning Management System, all seamlessly integrated. Other highlighted features include easy to use CBTA framework, multifaceted course and student progress tracking, scheduling, aircraft management and maintenance, invoicing, reporting, and a sophisticated Safety Management System.

More About Leading Edge Aviation

Leading Edge Aviation is a rapidly expanding pilot training academy with a fresh approach and an emphasis on holistic training. Offering the highest

standards of regulatory technical training, students also benefit from a comprehensive professional and personal development curriculum to enhance non-technical skills.

Leading Edge delivers modular commercial training and the LEAP (Leading Edge Airline Preparation) course; a full-time integrated course with BSc degree.

Based at London Oxford Airport, Leading Edge students receive wellbeing support, along with the most advanced learning aids. Virtual and mixed reality tech, and neuro training techniques are used to embed and refine new knowledge and skills, creating pilots who enter the industry airline ready, with strong leadership skills.


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