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Aircraft Tracking System helps locate stolen Cessna from BePilot

Private-Radar’s innovative Aircraft Tracking System helps locate stolen Cessna and assists in the ongoing investigation of the aircraft from the prestigious flight school BePilot in Novi, Italy.

According to the Breaking Latest News article, the theft took place Wednesday morning (30/03/22) from one of the hangars of the Novi Ligure airport where the BePilot flight school is based, directed by Paolo Visentini. “That man was alone, he arrived around 6.30 am. The plane took off at 6.55 am – he says – I don’t know if he is really a pilot, the stolen Cessna is one of the planes we use for school, it’s not difficult to drive but you certainly need some expertise."

The aircraft went unnoticed across the Italian airspace, no control tower reported any alert. It was in Toulouse where the the 33-year-old Slovak citizen flew low over the French military base, triggering the immediate reaction of the Armée de l’Air, which forced him to land the stolen aircraft.

Fortunately, the aircraft was being tracked in real-time by Private-Radar’s Flight-Tracker and BePilot was able to know the exact location of the aircraft and have a full history of the flight.

“Private-Radar's Aircraft Tracking System has proven to be the best security asset we could have ever wished for. No one expects to have their aircraft stolen, but it is a relief to know that you have a tracking device that automatically activates when the aircraft is switched on so we know its exact location at all times.” - Paolo Visentini, CEO BePilot

The flight records obtained by the Aircraft Tracking System are assisting in the ongoing investigation.


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