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Key Features


Time-saving, it's that simple! 


Manage all of your bookings through the Schedule Module. You can easily keep track of all your aircraft bookings, simulator bookings, classroom bookings for ground lessons, and instructors' schedule and activities.


You can effortlessly add, edit, delete and cancel bookings. You will be able to view footprints of all modifications that have been made on a booking, by who, and when.


You can add private bookings or public bookings. You can also allow some users to book themselves and await approval.


Offering easy-to-use features such as drag&drop to modify bookings.

The system automatically checks for double bookings, expired certificates, flight and duty time, availability, account balance, pending bookings, and aircraft maintenance.


in the Schedule Settings, you can customize the constraints to ensure a seamless, easy-to-use booking system.



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Keep your day running smoothly


The Courses Module allows you to create your own courses and start tracking the progress of your students.  You can manage flight and theoretical lessons. Set milestones on the syllabus. Complete evaluations and keep all your student records in one place.


Create CBTA courses with pre-built phases and competencies. It's fully customizable.

All the information in the system will be completely synchronized for easy access and control of flight and ground lessons,  evaluations, completed and remaining hours of flight time, instructors, and so on.

The Courses Module integrates with the Schedule and Flights Module to make all your bookings, flights, and evaluations synchronized.


Easily keep track of everything in one place


Documents, certificates, flight records, maintenance, techbooks, rates, squawks... Always have the required documentation at your fingertips.

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It's never been easier to be EASA-compliant! 

The SMS Module keeps track of all the SMS events that are registered into the system to keep your reporting simple and well-documented.


You can see the list of all the events on the main page, with the ID number, date of report, event type, the user that filed the event, the title, risk classification, status, MOR, and the documents attached.

When you add an event, you can add general information or complete it in the advanced tab with the help of the predefined event types and the related detailed information.


The Invoices Module allows you to add and keep track of all the proformas, invoices, payments, products, and different legal entities.


Users' accounts will be synchronized with the Invoices Module so you can keep track of all the invoices, proformas, debits, credits, and payments. Anytime an invoice or payment is made it will automatically appear both in the individual user's account (the Account tab) in the Users Module and in the Invoices Module

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The Documents Module allows you to easily add and share folders and files with your users. You control what files and folders are visible by sharing.


The CAMO (Continuous Airworthiness Maintenance Organization) Module is a great addition to the system to easily manage your work flow. 


Create CAMO Work Orders, Maintenance Work Orders, and Certificates of Release to Service. Easily keep track of documentation, parts, stock location, and suppliers.


The CAMO Work Order creates a request for maintenance to perform some tasks.


The Maintenance then fills in the tasks that have been performed, and the parts that have been installed or changed, and then issues the CRS (Certificate of Release to Service).


You can print all these documents in PDF.


The CAMO Module also allows you to manage your parts orders, parts, and suppliers

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Carsten Mangasser

Head of Pilot School & Deputy Head of Training ATO -
Lufthansa Aviation Training, Switzerland

“We were using different software solutions across multiple bases in different countries, which was inefficient. After evaluating the leading software on the market, Private-Radar was chosen because it offers a state-of-the-art solution and is also flexible and adaptable to our processes. Private-Radar is without a doubt the best solution for European Flight Academy."