How to View the Schedule & Use Filters

1. First sign in to your account. Go to the schedule tab. Here you can see the aircraft, simulators, flight instructors, theoretical instructors, classrooms and any other users you want displayed.

2. To configure your view, click on the filters icon on the top right-hand corner. Here you can select the view as large or compact. You can define the time range of the displayed schedule. You can select which bases you want displayed, if you select none, all aircraft with or without a defined base will be displayed. The base will also filter the aircraft, instructors, and classrooms. You can filter the booking types, aircraft, instructors, other users, classrooms.

3. You can also save smart filters to quickly view the configured information without having to change all the filters each time. Just enter the name of the filter to save it and click ok. Please watch the video on smart filters for more information.

4. Going back to your schedule you can select day, 1-4 weeks, or a month view. The day, range or month will be displayed.

5. When you click on a booking for a flight it will show the pertaining information such as the type of flight, the aircraft, the time, the pilot and instructor, and the lesson. The flight type is color coded by the type, such as solo, instruction, MCC, exam, and so on. Any canceled flights will show in black and will also be written "Canceled" in red when you click on the booking. You can easily view overlapping bookings.

6. On the Instructors schedule you can view the pre-briefing and post-briefing times that are displayed in a lighter shade than the actual aircraft booking.

7. If there is a small lock displayed on a booking that means the flight is private and has not been published yet. A private booking does not notify the pilot or instructor. That way you can create a schedule and move things around until you are ready to publish the final schedule and notify the pilots.  Private bookings are not shown to users that do not have the profile rights to see private bookings. For example, a student can be given the rights to only see their bookings. All other bookings will be displayed in gray and labeled "reserved". This can be set by default depending on your schedule settings. Please watch the video on how to schedule flights and schedule settings for more information.

8. You will see a red time bar moving across your schedule to indicate the current time.

9. When you click on a booking you will see small footprints on the bottom right of the icon menu. By clicking on the footprints you can see the history of the booking with all updates and modifications, including the date, time, name and action.

10. If you are an instructor or administrator and there is information that you are trying to view and it is not possible please check your filters. If you still can't view the information, please check with the account administrator to see if you have the profile rights to access this information in the schedule module.

11. If you click on  the dispatch tab you will see the flow of your flights. Pending, canceled, dispatched, checked-in  and invoiced. For more information on dispatch, please watch the corresponding video.

12. If you click on the students tab and expand a course you can see a list of the students, the phase, the next lesson to schedule, and the main instructor. This will help you to quickly visualize the information you need to schedule the next lesson for a student. For more information on schedule settings or how to schedule flights, lessons, classrooms or activities.

Please watch more in-depth tutorials about the Schedule module to learn more!

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