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How to See Student Progress

1. First log in to you account. Now go to the Courses Module and select a course.

2. Now click on the Students tab. Here you can see all the students in a course and their progress.

3. You can select a class from the course, see flights or ground lesson progress, hide students who have finished, and hide students who are inactive. You can expand the phases of the course on the left column to see the progress of each lesson.

4. For each flight lesson you can see the times and the evaluation in green if it has been completed, the different shades of green represent the evaluation scale, dark green being the best, red represents a fail.

5. When you click on a completed flight you will download the flight sheet with the evaluation. For each phase you can see how many hours are left to complete the phase. You can see an overview of the total flight times and what percentage of flight times have been completed.

6. Now, if you go to the User Module and select a student you can see individual course progress and attendance. Go to the User Module, select a student, click on the Courses tab,  and click View Progress.

7. Here you see a chart with the actual course progress in blue and the milestones in gray. On the y-axis of the graph you have the hours of flight on the x-axis you have the date. The gray diamonds represent milestones and the blue diamonds represent when the lesson was actually completed.

8. Below the graph you can expand the phases for a detailed view of VFR and IFR times and all of the lessons with the date of the flight and the evaluation. When you click on the 3 dots on the right of a lesson you can download the PDF, view the flight, or evaluate the flight if you have the right to do so.

9. On the left you can see details of the ground lessons with a pie chart showing the number of hours present or absent along with the percentage.

10. You can expand each module to see details of each lesson or exam, validate a lesson, or download the presence sheet. You can also download the full attendance report by clicking on the Attendance button in gray. You can view the progress for each student and each course.

Please watch more in-depth tutorials about the Courses Module to learn more!

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