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General Settings

How to Set Up Security Settings

1. First log into your account, expand the menu on the top left-hand corner and select Settings / Security.

2. Here you can choose if you would like to have an email sent after a successful login with your account. You can also choose whether you are allowed to Login from another country.

3. Choose one of the following:

  • Allow all logins from your account from outside your school's country.

  • Confirm logins from your account from outside your school's country by email.

  • Prevent all logins for your account from outside of your school's country.

By enabling a confirmation from any login outside of your school's country, you will ensure that your account is secure and any unusual activity will be detected immediately. If you know you will be traveling outside your school's country you can change these settings at any time.

Please watch more in-depth tutorials about the General Settings to learn more!

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