How to Create Public & Private Bookings

1. First sign in to your account and go to the schedule module. Public and private bookings are an option you have when creating bookings. When you create a private booking it will display a small lock on the top right-hand corner of the booking slot. Only certain profiles will be able to see the private booking, depending on your profile configuration.

2. For example, if you want the ops manager to be able to view, create, edit, and delete private bookings but you want to keep them private, or lets say, hidden from your students and/or instructors. This will allow you to create a pre-schedule and modify it, without any notifications. You can edit a booking or just drag&drop directly on the schedule to change the time, aircraft or classroom. Private bookings enable you to do this even several days or weeks in advance so you can easily make changes without some other profiles being aware of it until it's published.

3. Once you publish a booking, the small lock on the booking slot will disappear and the student and instructor will receive an email and it will appear on their schedule. Published bookings will also send an email for each modification. Private bookings keep your email notifications to a minimum and will only send notifications once the booking has been published. Users will receive notifications of their daily schedule each morning, that is, for any published bookings.

4. So now you must be wondering how can you publish a booking or a full schedule. Let's have a look. You can publish all the bookings in the range of the displayed schedule, such as day, 1-4 weeks, or a month. Just adjust your view range on the top left of the schedule, then click on the small globe icon on the top right-hand corner. You will be asked to confirm (you can uncheck any booking types you don't want to publish) and click save.

5. You can also publish individual bookings by clicking on the booking directly on the schedule, click on the small globe icon to publish.

6. While we are here, let me show you the other icon functionalities on an individual flight booking. You can edit, cancel, publish, dispatch, check-in, copy, delete, and view the footprints.  The same goes for ground lessons scheduled in the classrooms. You can edit, cancel, publish, copy, take attendance (if the class has already begun), print, delete and see footprints.

7. You can make private bookings a default setting by going to the settings on the top left-hand corner of the page. Select Schedule and under "Parameters by default" you can activate "Create private bookings by default".

8. You can create a new booking by clicking directly on the schedule, here you can also select private or public on the top left-hand corner of the new booking pop-up window.

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