How to Manage Certificates

In this tutorial, you will learn how to add and manage users' certificates. This can be done as an administrator in the USERS module and select the user or, for general users, from your account in the ME page. This will depend on your account's profile settings and permissions.


1. To add a certificate, first log into your account.

2. Go to USERS module (or the ME page).

3. Select a user.

4. Go to the Certificates tab.

5. Once you are on the certificates tab, click on the 'Add Certificate' button.

6. Select a certificate from the predefined licenses, certificates, or ratings.

7. Select the issuance date.

8. Select the renewal date when you renew it.

9. Select the valid until date.

10. You can upload an image or PDF of the certificate for your records.

11. If you want to keep the certificates with the image or PDF you should archive old certificates and add new ones with their image or PDF.


1. To edit a certificate, simply click on the edit icon (the little pencil) next to the certificate, make any modifications, and save.


1. To delete a certificate, click on the edit icon and click delete or archive the certificate to save it for your records.


1. If you have the profile right to manage certificates you can go to the Users module.

2. Select a user.

3. Go to the certificates tab.

4. Click on the ‘Manage Certificates’ button.

5. Here you can edit some predefined certificates or add new certificates to the predefined list.

6. Click the ‘Add Certificates’ button.

7. Select the category.

8. Select the type.

9. Enter a name

10. And save!

The system will check users certificates and their validity. You will always know when a certificate, a license or a rating will expire, has expired, or is missing.

For more information on the Users module, please watch the corresponding tutorials.

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