How to Lock/Unlock Phases

In this tutorial, I will show you how to lock and unlock phases in a course.

Locked phases prevent you from selecting a mission or lesson in the next phase if the current phase has not been completed.

This applies to when you select lessons for bookings in the schedule module and lessons for flights in the flights module.

This is helpful to keep your instructors and whoever is in charge of the scheduling and flights from accidentally selecting lessons from the wrong phase.

Locked phases are related to the courses module and are configured per user in the user module.

Let me show you.

1. First, go to the Users module.

2. Select a User.

3. Click on the courses tab and expand the course.

4. Scroll down to the phases.

5. To lock a phase, just click on the gray lock icon on the right and it will turn red to lock.

6. To unlock a phase, just click on the red lock icon on the right and it will turn gray to unlock.

If the phase has a red lock next to it you will not be able to select any mission or lesson in the next phase until that specific phase has been completed.

Depending on your profile rights defined for Courses you may be allowed to Lock / Unlock phases.

If you do not have the profile rights and you need to request a change, please contact the administrator of your organization.

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