Intro to the Users Module

Let me introduce you to the Users module.

The Users module gives you the tools to manage everything you need for your administrators, students, instructors... anyone you want to give access to the platform.

The user module allows users to register and log in to their account. Users benefit from being able to access Private-Radar because this associates content such as their personal agenda, certificates, courses, logbook, and much more with their account.

The Users module manages everything you need in one place. Let's have a closer look.


A user can quickly view their bookings on the schedule in their agenda and synchronize them with their own personal external calendars.


Keep track of users' certificates and validity, get notifications when certificates will expire, have already expired, or are missing. Define required certificates and always be up-to-date.


Individual student course progress is tracked in this tab for each phase with all the flights, lessons, evaluations, ground lessons, and attendance. You can print in Pdf,  export to Excel, and generate hours certificates. Get a quick view of pending, failed, and completed exercises with easy to read graphs and charts.


Users  (students and instructors in this case) can upload their signature and can easily sign flight sessions and class presence sheets.


Your logbook is always easy to find and access.


Keep track of debit, credit, and balance for each of your users. Add invoices and payments. You can enable online payments and transfers between users' accounts.

Flight & Duty Time

Automatically track flight and duty times.


Upload flight documents and other documents to users' accounts.


Specify for each user who will be allowed to reserve solo flights on different aircraft types, provided that he or she respects the flying standards defined in the Settings. If nothing is selected, the user will be able to reserve a solo flight on all the aircraft.


Add user availability to sync with the schedule module.


Keep a record of all the emails the user has received from Private-Radar.


Automatically keep track of the number of landings, both solo and with a passenger, for each aircraft type.


TSA has been designed to be used to keep track of travel authorizations and their validity for security purposes for schools in the U.S. with international students.

The user module is completely customizable as it allows various permissions to be set for different profiles which can be set up with fine-grained permissions allowing each profile to do only what the administrator permits.

Please watch more in-depth tutorials about the Users module to learn more!

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