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General Settings

How to Configure Email Notifications for Users

In this email, I will show you how to configure email notifications for users.

Let 's get started.

1. First, Log in to your account.

2. Expand the menu on the top left-hand corner and select Settings.

3. Use the arrow on the right hand side and press it one time.

4. Click on the Notifications Tab.

5. Here you can define the lists of emails that will be notified in case of the events below. The emails in the lists have to be separated by a comma.

6. Under Bookings, the users you select will be notified of new/modified bookings, approved bookings and canceled bookings.

You can also select to not send an email if only the aircraft or the classroom change. Just use the toggle to turn it on/off.

Next, the users you select will be notified of SMS events, Invoices and Maintenance.

Don’t forget to save!

For more information on Settings, please watch the corresponding tutorials.

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