How to Add/Edit/Delete Aircraft Certificates

In this tutorial you will learn how to add, edit, and delete aircraft certificates.

You can keep track of all your aircraft certificates, such as airworthiness and insurance. Get notifications of expiration dates to make sure you are always up-to-date. Certificates will automatically sync with the schedule module and you can prevent booking when a certificate is expired, depending on your settings.


1. First, log into your account.

2. Go to the Aircraft Module.

3. Select an aircraft.

4. Click on the certificates tab.

5. Click on the 'Add a certificate' button.

6. Type the name in the box and select the expiration date.

7. To save, click on the checkmark next to the certificate.


1. To edit the certificate just click on the edit icon (the small pencil) next to the certificate.


1. To delete click on the delete icon (the small trash can) or the X next to the certificate.

If you keep the system updated with all the current aircraft certificates, the system will give you alerts for expired aircraft certificates.

For more information on the Aircraft module, please watch the corresponding tutorials.

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