How to Add/Edit/Delete/Cancel Aircraft Bookings

In this tutorial you will learn how to add, edit, delete, and cancel aircraft bookings.


1. Please sign in to your account.

2. Go to the Schedule module.

3. Select the schedule tab.

4. On top of the schedule, you will see the current date. You can select from the display option in the drop-down menu by choosing Day, 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 4 weeks, or month view.

5. You can click directly on the schedule at the desired time to book a flight on an aircraft.  A new booking window will open and you can add the booking information.

6. First, select private or public on the top left-hand corner of the booking window. For more information on private or public bookings, please watch the video, How to Create Public & Private Bookings.

7. Now select the date and time if it needs to be adjusted.

8. Now select the aircraft booking type, either flight, maintenance, or unavailable.

9. For flight bookings, select the type of flight, such as instruction, solo, or exam. There are several options and they are color-coded to differentiate the types.

10. Now select VFR or IFR and local or cross country.

11. Now it's time to select your crew from the drop-down menu.

12. You can add pre-briefing and post briefing times. This will block off the student and instructor for the additional time but not the aircraft.

13. If you have selected your pilot you can now select a lesson. Just click on the select button under the Lessons section and select the course and lesson. You can easily view the course progress by checking off the "show progress box".  This will show the lessons of the course that have been completed in green. failed in red, and uncompleted in gray.

14. You can also use the auto-select button by clicking the auto button. Auto is not possible if the user is in more than one course.

15. Don't forget to save. If you click outside the booking window the information will not be saved.

16. You will see warnings on the top of the booking window related to the selected aircraft and/or users. The system will check for aircraft double bookings, aircraft maintenance, and aircraft certificates. The system will also check the users for double bookings, expired certificates, flight & duty time exceeded, currency, availability, account balance, and pending bookings. depending on your schedule settings, these constraints can prevent a booking or just give you a warning. For example, if the aircraft maintenance is due it may prevent you from completing the booking. In this case, you must select another aircraft, update the maintenance in the system, or change your admin schedule settings.

17. You can follow these same steps to book a flight on a simulator.


1. Now that you have created a booking you can drag and drop the booking directly on the schedule to adjust the time or change the aircraft. To edit the booking information, just click on the booking and select the Edit icon (the little pencil).

This will open the edit booking window where you can make your modifications to the aircraft booking and save.


1. To delete a booking click directly on the booking and select the Delete icon (the small trashcan).

2. You will be prompted with the message "You are going to delete this reservation. This cannot be undone. Are you sure?".

3. Click YES or NO.

Deleted bookings will not be accounted for and will not be included in reports. Deleted bookings do not send an email to the student and instructor to notify them of the deletion. Deleting a booking should just be used for mistakes that can't be corrected by editing. Otherwise, we recommend canceling the booking.


1. To cancel a booking click directly on the booking and select the Cancel icon (the small circle with the diagonal line through it).

2. You will be prompted with a cancel booking window where you can select a reason from the drop-down menu. If the reason is not listed you can choose "other" which will allow you to write the reason in the text box. If you want to send an email to the student and the instructor to notify them of the cancellation, please check off the Send Email checkbox and click OK.

Cancellations will be accounted for and can be used to create reports in the reports module.

Please watch more in-depth tutorials about the Schedule module to learn more!

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