How to Add/Delete Required Lessons

In this tutorial, I will show you how to add and delete required lessons.

A required lesson prevents you from selecting a lesson until another specific lesson has been completed. For example, in the PPL course, a student must complete lesson DGH07 before doing DGH08. The system won't allow lesson DGH08 to be selected for bookings in the schedule module or flights in the flights module because the lesson DGH07 has not been completed.

Depending on your profile rights defined for Courses you may be allowed to add/edit courses and configure required lessons,


1. First, go to the Courses module.

2. Select a course.

3. Click on the small pencil next to the lesson and scroll down to the required lessons. Here you can add or remove required lessons for the lesson you have previously selected.

For example, I am going to expand the ATPL(A) course. Now, I am going to scroll down to Phase II and click on the small pencil next to lesson 17 "First Solo Flight". I am going to add lesson 16 in Phase II as a required lesson. Just check off the box and click save. This way, before a student performs his or her first solo flight as outlined in lesson 17 he or she must complete lesson 16, "Navigation Review/Traffic Pattern Training".


1. To Delete, just click on the small trashcan next to the required lesson and it will remove the requirement.

If you do not have the profile rights and you need to request a change, please contact the administrator of your organization.

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